I just think it would've been cooler with a merman

Hi! I'm Jacquie. I'm 25 and I spend way too much time obsessing over TV shows and too little time doing other things.

Some things you'll find here: Torchwood death jokes, strong mixed emotions about Supernatural, side eye, Buffy appreciation, comments on screencaps, tear drinking, and really anything I find funny.

Things I tend to blog about daily:
- Joss Whedon shows, especially BTVS and Angel. Currently Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
- Torchwood, I have a podcast about it if you're interested.

Other shows I love and blog about frequently
-Game Of Thrones/ A Song Of Ice And Fire
-Doctor Who
-Arrested Development
-Orphan Black

Gonna find the most ridiculous face he makes in the series so I can morph it together with Jack face (you know the one) and have the most perfect desktop background in all the land.

Where can I find a gifset of the scene where Peter invites his mom and can’t say his name without laughing outside to stare at his glistening naked body as the sun sets?


Is someone going to cast Bill Skarsgard as the young version of Steve Buscemi in a film, or do I have to do this?

(First photo: @Markus Nass, EFP SHOOTING STARS)


Peter’s new prophetic dream involves an image of a porcelain doll falling and it’s face smashing. Last time I saw that on a tv show it was Dante’s Cove and it lead to everyone having hardcore gay sex


Roman crying hysterically and desperately begging “no more whoop whoop whoop” is the high point of this season so far

Special for my lovely sis - sikanapanele.

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The second season so far is super slow. Yes, your budget has obviously been slashed to hell but that’s not an excuse not to have anything interesting going on.

Also I’m pretty put off by the terrible acting duo not speaking at the moment. Terrible acting means the world to me, and when these two combine their brands of terrible acting it’s TV magic and I miss it.

I love this Russian scientist who keeps switching from English to Russian mid sentence whenever she get close to revealing plot.

The Walking Dead has the best plots.

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hyperbeeb replied to your post “Ok so thoughts on the first season of Hemlock Grove. Why’d they have…”

GOOD. now, wait until you see the season 2 finale. everyone who watched hemlock grove is really upset about it.

Bad? Sad? Both? Probably both.

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is that Ianto?

No, Ianto is a full grown cat now. That’s my friend Nicks cat, Joffrey.